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Free energy motor

Magnetic and other fuelless engines do not consume power or consumes less accepted norms. Section for fans Veshnyakov, and other big and heavy, where there is something to touch hands.

Electrostatic generator TESTATICElectrostatic generator TESTATIC.

The Bauman Testatik machine (Distatic, ML-machine) is a perfect example of an operating free-energy generator built in the workshop with own hands, when the person's hands and head are in place. Basically, it is an engine-generator, which uses static electricity to generate electricity. The generator became famous after the publication in the media...

Magnetic energy motor-generatorMagnetic energy motor-generator.

Magnetic energy motor-generator. Know-how is a symbiosis of permanent magnets and bifilar coils. Bifilar coils are installed with a specific shifted angle to convert the parasitic current into usable energy. Permanent magnets are required to maintain the rotation. Initial start is performed by a battery or any other external source of energy...

Free energy magnetic motor of MinatoFree energy magnetic motor of Minato.

Free energy magnetic motor Minato distinguish noiseless and high efficiency. According to his own statements Minato engine self-rotating magnetic similar design has an efficiency greater than 300%. rotor has the shape of a disc or wheel on which are arranged at a certain angle magnets...

Free energy motor of LazarevFree energy motor of Lazarev.

Nikolai Lazarev created operating and rather simple structure Free energy motor using capillary effect. This Free energy motor, consists of a tank divided by a porous partition into an upper and a lower part. The parts are interconnected at the expense of the tube, at which from the lower chamber the top is a fluid flow. The pores allow gravity to flow down...

Free energy wheel of BediniFree energy wheel of Bedini.

Motor-wheel free energy Bedini. This engine tries to repeat many novice builders of free energy generators. But Bedini motor controls only Bedini. What's the problem? Problem is that Bedini knows what to do, and understands what is necessary to achieve its secret But do not hide it...


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