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Free energy wheel of Bedini
Free energy wheel of Bedini

Free energy wheel of Bedini

Схема двигателя Бедини
Схема двигателя Бедини
Схема двигателя Бедини

Motor-wheel free energy Bedini. This engine tries to repeat many novice builders of free energy generators. But Bedini motor controls only  Bedini. What's the problem?

Problem is that Bedini knows what to do, and understands what is necessary to achieve its secret But do not hide it. is necessary to achieve the pulse shaped like the letter h at the same time, numerous replication pulse is pho. yoke damped sinusoid.

In order to drive to work, you must have a large collector inductance coil. It is necessary to provide sufficient time to accumulate the energy from a primary battery in the inductor. The greater the inductance, the slower rotating wheel, and the more energy will accumulate and increase the duration of pulse will charge the secondary battery. But this is not the main thing.

motor coils are not simply inductance and long lines in which the wave propagates. That wave can give the surplus energy, but you will not get anything just winding many turns. Not least because that switching transistors have the capacity. Even if the transistor is closed quickly enough, the internal capacitance together with the inductance of the coil form an oscillating circuit. In other words, in the conventional coil design is impossible to get a wave in it. It is for this reason that the mere repetition of doomed to failure device
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