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Free energy

The section free energy enables the construction of fuel-less generators BTG and BTC fuelless engines. PC of the free energy typically covers devices without moving parts, capable of producing more energy than you consume. PC fuelless engines related different designs with the property of autorotation. br>
sushestvujut hundreds of patents on the creation of electromagnetic motors and generators of free energy. Many of these inventions were created in the late 19th and early 20th century, but since the mid-20th century to the present time, the flow of these inventions is increasing rapidly, and despite this, their application in the modern economy is zero.

perva the reason lies in the fact that the discoveries on the use of free energy undermine the economic interests of that part of the ruling class which control the production of energy in the form of coal, oil, gas, hydropower, nuclear power plants, etc. because it virtually puts an end to the existence of these kinds of sectors of social production and, thereby, deprives this part of the ruling class of their wealth. This is why energy companies use all legal and illegal means to prevent the introduction of free energy in our lives: buying and freezing of patents, the denial of grants to study free energy, disinformation people through the media about the impossibility of the existence of free energy and its anti-scientific, and if that doesn't work threaten or kill the inventors of free energy devices.

putora reason - lack of interest and fear of the state. The consequences of the introduction of free energy are in complete contradiction with the basic rule of the game of capitalist society: the creation of more jobs for the working population. Svobodnaya energy closes a labour-intensive industry and, thus, instead of creating works in a capitalist society, based on what capitalist production and that welcomes capitalist state, it deprives tens of millions of people out of work.

ptrety reason if the free energy inventors, as a rule, do not understand the source of its origin and only based on his innate intuition, create inventions in terms of production. Therefore, to reproduce such a device specialist without the assistance of the inventor is very difficult, and as a consequence, most people declares the device quackery.
of Course, you have to admit that some of the inventors come across such a category of people, but this does not mean that all inventions fall under this category. On the other hand, there may be some persistent or talented professionals have been able to build this device, if its creation was not associated with relatively high material costs.

odnako, progress can be slow, but not stop it. The use of free energy in our lives will be a necessity as running water, actuated slaves of Rome. More recently, fiction seemed to be a mass use of solar energy, but it took quite a few years, and now solar panels can buy anyone.


Free energy

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