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Free energy generator of Kapanadze 4 kW - Aquarium
Free energy generator of Kapanadze 4 kW - Aquarium

Free energy generator of Kapanadze 4 kW - Aquarium

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BTG "Aquarium" (the name because of the transparent body) is the last device of free energy demonstrated by Kapanadze. Of all the previously created fuel-free generators, this option is the most advanced.

During the demonstration, the generator produced an equivalent power of about 4 kW at active load (heating element and electric kettle). Some of the power was simultaneously used to power a small inductive load (fan).

There are many dummy elements in the generator design, which the author himself reported in the video, but the coil and high-voltage part give a complete picture of the principle of operation of the installation.

All generators of free energy use the same phenomenon - an electric flow, the essence of which is the directed movement of charges - electrons and (or) positrons. The difference between the flow and the electric current is that the current is not connected in any way with the charges, although in the definition of the current it is asserted precisely about the charges. Electrostatic phenomena are associated with charges, and the current is determined by the orientation of the atoms in the conductors. Details about current phenomena are described in Chapter 5 of the book.

The electrical flow can be amplified and converted into current. Under normal conditions, the charges in conductors do not react to a magnetic field, but there are ways to make the charges controllable and increase their energy, just as it happens in electron accelerators of various designs.

Fuel-free generators, like accelerators, differ in design, using the same phenomenon. The creation of such generators follows the principle: first, just to get an effect, and then the authors try to preserve and stabilize the results. So, one of the first Kapanadze generators with a coil in the form of a dumbbell turned out to be extremely unstable and unreliable. The weak point of the design is thyristors in the avalanche mode. Nevertheless, Kapanadze made several such devices until he completely abandoned the use of such a scheme.

The generator was suitable for demonstration, but required constant monitoring of the work and was often out of order. The more complex grenade coil design proved to be more stable, but included a scarce three-phase transformer. Moreover, not all transformers worked. And the designs of generators with a central coil and three on the sides were too complicated and resource-intensive, but three-phase.

Generator "Aquarium" is quite simple and at the same time stable. There are no custom items in the generator. The presence of an arrester is not critical; it can be excluded from the circuit in principle, but it is better to use it in a safety mode.
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