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GEET car on the water

The car will consume significantly less fuel, if instead of the catalytic converter install the GEET-muffler. In this case, the fuel becomes water from the exhaust pipe.

Unlike the catalyst, afterburning hydrocarbons, the muffler returns unburned fuel from the exhaust pipe back to the engine. At the same time, the environmental friendliness of the car meets the highest standards.

GEET is Paul Panton global environmental energy technology. We have perfected the technology and made it possible to use multimode internal combustion engines.

DIY Manual a vortex nozzleDIY Manual a vortex nozzle. 20 USD

DIY Manual for the manufacture of their own hands vortex nozzle on the exhaust pipe. Vortex nozzle is designed to reduce emissions and fuel economy. The principle of the device consists in separating from the exhaust gases combustible components - soot, liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide...

Vortex Centrifugal FilterVortex Centrifugal Filter. 10 USD

Vortex-type centrifugal filter cyclone for GEET-plazma GP-3000 reactor installed instead of the water tank. Filtration is carried out gases on the principle of a centrifuge. Installing the filter eliminates the need for the driver to monitor the liquid level in a tank.

DIY GEET-reactor planDIY GEET-reactor plan. 20 USD

GEET reactor construction details. Manual for the manufacture of catalytic GEET-reactor from the author of the device. This is the only page on the Internet where original plans are offered, which guarantee fuel economy and increase engine power with proper assembly. The manual includes a detailed drawing and a plan guide...

DIY assembly manual GEET-plazma reactorDIY assembly manual GEET-plazma reactor. 50 USD

Handmade manual for making GEET-plazma reaktor own hands from the author of the device. This is the only page on the Internet where original drawings are offered, which guarantee fuel economy and increase engine power with proper assembly. The founder of GEE technology is Paul Pantone, who created a number of rectors for two-stroke internal combustion engines...

Vortex nozzle Fog-3000 for carVortex nozzle Fog-3000 for car.

Car vortex nozzle Fog-3000 increases engine power and prevents overheating in dry hot weather. it may be installed on petrol, gas and diesel engines of 1-3 liters. The nozzle is mounted on an exhaust pipe by means of clamp welding work is not required. Increasing engine performance occurs due to feed into cylinders of a small amount of fine Jana slurry consistency similar to fog...

GEET-plazma reactor GP-3000GEET-plazma reactor GP-3000.

The GEET-plazma GP-3000 reactor is a cyclone-type separator and a Pantone GEET reactor in one housing. The device is designed to replace automotive catalytic converters. GEET-plazma reaktor allows you to significantly save on fuel and unlike the catalytic converter does not "choke" the engine...

GEET-reactor GR-3000GEET-reactor GR-3000.

The original idea for saving fuel and reducing emissions. GEET-reactor for four-stroke engines of automobiles and tractors. The reactor may be used as an independent device in the system of ventilation of crankcase gases or bundled with vortex nozzle exhaust pipe...

Popular about GEETPopular about GEET.

GEET is a popular technology for using water as a fuel. How is this possible to consider an example. Take 10 liters of gasoline, pour into the tank. We start the engine and went for a drive. We're driving until the gasoline runs out. Question: how much did the engine use? Think 10 liters? Not guessed right answer is 8 liters...

What can be put in place of catalystWhat can be put in place of catalyst.

What you can put in place of worn automobile catalyst. Usually put the flame arrestor or insertion, but there is a better idea. catalyst replacement in the GEET-plazma reactor leads to lower fuel consumption and increase engine performance. The savings can be up to 30%, capacity increased by 10-20%...

Сar use water as fuelСar use water as fuel.

The use of water as a fuel is possible when installed on a GEET-plazma GP-3000 reactor car. GEET-plazma reactor unlike catalyst without useless precious fuel burns, and the catches of the exhaust gas anything that can burn and returns to the engine. In the cylinders of automotive four-stroke engines do not burn fuel more than 75%. In two-stroke engines this figure even worse...


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