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WIG Ekranoplan

Wig is megasfera for creativity. The court, working at the intersection of two elements, able to swim and fly. One who will be able to run airfoil on the passenger line will become a billionaire.
WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100

Ten seat WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100 (class "C", shield) is designed for transporting passengers along rivers, lakes, in the coastal stripes of the seas, and can also be used for other purposes. It is possible to build specialized options - cargo, rescue, patrol...

WIG craft Orca-1WIG craft Orca-1

WIG craft ( ekranoplan ) ORCA-1 to was designed according to the idea of an ekranoplan-tandem, but unfortunately, did not reach production. This happened in those distant times when there were still people in the country who understood how to build ekranoplans...

What is WIG?What is WIG?

The Ekranoplan (WIG craft) is an aircraft using a screen effect. Ekranoplans are much more economical and faster than high-speed watercraft, more economical than planes and even cars...


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