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What is WIG?
What is WIG?

What is WIG?

The Ekranoplan (WIG craft) is an aircraft using a screen effect. Ekranoplans are much more economical and faster than high-speed watercraft, more economical than planes and even cars.
For almost a century people are trying to learn the flight on the screen, but until now the ekranoplans have not become mass vehicles. There are many reasons for this, but the main one lies in the difficulty of ensuring accident-free flights. The water (earth) nearby, the slightest error of the pilot and even a sudden gust of wind lead to trouble.

In the 50-ies of the last century there were two ekranoplannyh schools, which nevertheless created quite reliable ekranoplans. Since then, the design idea is a well-trodden path, trying to improve what is.

However, how many do not improve the old, the base is still the same, with all the shortcomings inherent in it, which in no way make it possible to make shipments on ekranoplans at least profitable. Therefore, it turns out that for the most part ekranoplanes are held at exhibitions, and transport lines can not come out.

WIG craft ORCA emergency landing crafts are designed taking into account the shortcomings of their predecessors. In order to design a massive ekranoplan, it was necessary to change both the outdated concept and the aerodynamic basis. Probably for today, the ORCA project is the only promising project of a commercial e-mail, embodied at the level of an experimental prototype. In fact, the ekranoplans of the series are conceived as full-fledged seaplanes capable of using the screen effect. At the same time, the design of the ekranoplan is as light as an airplane and at the same time is as solid as a ship, and certification of vessels of the type "A" greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of operation.
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На Севморпуть собираются пустить экранопланы Орлан. Как думаете, пустят? Или закончится очередным пшиком?
Орлан - это реплика Орленка советских времен, КБ Алексеева. Орленки никак не предназначены для условий северных морей. Скорее всего случится очередной распил бюджета. На программу экранопланов деньги выделяются периодически, причем суммы внушительные.
WIG craft Orca-1 (КАСАТКА)WIG craft Orca-1 (КАСАТКА)

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