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WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100
WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100

WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100

Сравнительные размеры с 10-местным самолетом
Сравнительные размеры с 10-местным самолетом
Сравнительные размеры с 10-местным самолетом

Ten seat WIG Ekrnoplan Orca-100 (class "C", shield) is designed for transporting passengers along rivers, lakes, in the coastal stripes of the seas, and can also be used for other purposes. It is possible to build specialized options - cargo, rescue, patrol. To date, the Orca-100 is the only project in the world capable of realizing regular scheduled transportation in the future.

WIG whales are designed according to the unique aerodynamic scheme of the semi-tandem, which made it possible to solve many problems, because of which earlier it was impossible to transport the ekranoplanes of the classic airplane scheme:

The problem of stability and safety of flight is solved.
Improved seaworthiness.
Significantly improved economy.

The Ekranoplan is capable of producing good revenue at distances of up to 500 km. Unlike local airlines, ekranoplans do not require subsidies. The real income of the owner of the ekranoplan can be several million rubles a month.

The main characteristics of the
Orca-100 ekranoplan

  •     Overall dimensions: 7.2 x 8 x 2.6 m
  •     Empty weight: 0,8 t
  •     Maximum take-off weight: 1.8 t
  •     Optimum flight altitude: 1.5 m
  •     Theoretical ceiling: 3500 m
  •     Tear-off speed: 75 km / h
  •     Top speed: 280 km / h
  •     The expense of fuel: 15-20 l / 100 km (the screen)
  •     Wave height at take-off: up to 0.5 m
  •     Capacity: 1-pilot and 9 passengers

We offer assistance in organizing the production of the Kasatka-100 ekranoplans. It is possible to produce technical documentation for the imputed cost.

Attention: this is a promising investment for medium-sized businesses. On the purchase of ekranoplane, please do not disturb.
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