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Device for desulfatace

Original chargers for car batteries

DIY Original super chargerDIY Original super charger. 12 USD

The DIY original super charger charging the battery by itself. device principle of operation is to remove the sulfates, resulting in increasing the voltage and battery capacity. Lead car batteries covered with sulphate a greater or lesser extent, always. of sulfate deposits on the plates degrade the energy-related Battery tics...

Pulse desulfation devicePulse desulfation device.

The original ispulsnoe desulfation device allows you to restore lost capacity car battery in the future, with occasional use, increasing the battery life of 3-4 years. There are many different desulfation device powered devices on the principle of charge-discharge or charge AC. All of these devices are able to restore and kumulyatory have lost no more than 15% capacity...

Simplest chargerSimplest charger.

Simplest charger 12-volt battery can be drawn from the electronic power supply (electronic transformers) for fluorescent lighting. Chargers are now many. Gone are the days when one had anything to invent from the available parts. But it happens that the charger handy It was not, and the battery should be recharged once. In this case, you can use the electronic tra sformatorom fluorescent light...


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