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Simplest charger
Simplest charger

Simplest charger

Simplest charger 12-volt battery can be drawn from the electronic power supply (electronic transformers) for fluorescent lighting.

Chargers are now many. Gone are the days when one had anything to invent from the available parts. But it happens that the charger handy It was not, and the battery should be recharged once. In this case, you can use the electronic tra sformatorom fluorescent light.

Electronic transformers are good because they have cost a penny, but able to give a current up to 10 Amps., adjust enough to charge the battery to the output of the diode rectifier transformer or even one diode

The problem with this simple device the absence of the current controller and automatic shut-off the first problem can be solved by adding a charging circuit automotive bulbs
charged battery is considered to achieve the voltage on the terminals 14.5 Volt. Voltage controlled tester on the battery terminal or the output charger.

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DIY Original super chargerDIY Original super charger

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