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Over Unit Radiation Generator
Over Unit Radiation Generator

Over Unit Radiation Generator

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Not all free energy generators start immediately after assembly. Even if the circuit is properly built and tuned, primary radiant charges are required to run.

During the operation of the circuit, radiant charges accumulate and remain active for several weeks. If the generator has already worked in a super-batch mode, then it is good to start it until the radiant charges annihilate.

If the generator is optimally configured, then any coil, including the usual single-layer one, can become the source of the flow. To obtain excess energy, it is enough to connect an active load to the coil terminals. The more turns in the coil, the greater the output voltage.

When using multi-turn Tesla coils, discharges of considerable length can be obtained. A file describing the design and operation of the generator is proposed.

There are no complex and scarce nodes in the device.
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