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New ideas in radio

Original design in the field of radio communications.

DIY Mercury antennaDIY Mercury antenna. 700 RUB / 15 USD

New - well forgotten old. There are many facts abnormal reception on mercury antenna in fact mercury antenna - the simplest Free energy generator with few clear principles work really draw energy from the ether Mercury can participate in abnormal energy processes. It is enough to take a dozen fluorescent lamps and put them around properly made transformer Tesla. All the lamps will glow...

DIY Small-sized original HF antennaDIY Small-sized original HF antenna. 500 RUB / 11 USD

The radio communication at short waves importance placed antennas. Full-size HF antenna requires to place a lot of space, especially the antenna to a range of 160 m and below. An original design of a small-sized magnetic antenna on any of the HF bands. The antenna consists of flat spirals that I can be implemented as of the wires or tapes, and through the printed circuit...


Free energy

Automotive devices

Original transport


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