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DIY Mercury antenna
DIY Mercury antenna

DIY Mercury antenna

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New - well forgotten old. There are many facts abnormal reception on mercury antenna in fact mercury antenna - the simplest Free energy generator with few clear principles work really draw energy from the ether

Mercury can participate in abnormal energy processes. It is enough to take a dozen fluorescent lamps and put them around properly made transformer Tesla. All the lamps will glow. Where does energy come from?

The same way and incomprehensible gain mercury antenna is very weak signals. But the antenna is working in the manufacture is necessary to understand how it works . Just fill tubes or light bulbs with mercury, as described in numerous sources - this is nothing more than a dangerous experiments, obviously doomed to failure

Mercury itself does not possess properties unknown. All properties of this liquid metal is well known. One of them - the ability to straighten alternating current, as for some reason forget hams and other theorists of the radio. And forget for the reason that the brain has nothing to do straightening and strengthening in the vibrator.

Remember crystal receivers with amplifiers and speakers? Where the energy for power amplifier? The radio signal is detected, and a part of the energy goes to the power amplifier. Of course this is only possible upon receipt of a sufficiently powerful radio station. In the case of antenna mercury, mercury rectifies all signals that arrive at the antenna, including interference and even blows air currents from atoms (statics). Emerged potential is applied to the web of the vibrator and amplifies weak signals. Then these same signals are rectified by increasing the potential, and the potential amplifies signals again. As a result, gain can grow quite significantly. To such an extent that the antenna begins to rapidly radiate itself. And it radiates predominantly in the centimeter range, making the illumination on the screen surface and airborne radars. It is for this reason that a lucky hams (randomly generated by the Working design) come stern men from a nearby RF and break down all equipment

Thus, the mercury dish - the real Free energy generator. It is not necessary to take long radio station. You can set the weak transmitter close to the antenna and receive antenna output kilowatts.

How to use the constant potential to strengthen the alternating current, do not even know the current academics (previously known, but silent). A description of the DIY the antenna structure mercury suppression of unwanted emission. Traditionally, much attention is paid to the principle of work.

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