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Free energy magnetic motor of Minato
Free energy magnetic motor of Minato

Free energy magnetic motor of Minato

Free energy magnetic motor Minato distinguish noiseless and high efficiency. According to his own statements Minato engine self-rotating magnetic similar design has an efficiency greater than 300%.
rotor has the shape of a disc or wheel on which are arranged at a certain angle magnets. when it is applied to the stator with a large magnet, there is a time and Minato wheel starts to spin, using alternate convergence and repulsion of the poles. The closer the stator to the rotor, the higher the torque and rotational speed. Power is supplied through circuit breaker relay.

To prevent the pulse and heartbeat, using the relay stabilizers during rotation Minato wheel and minimize power consumption managing e-mail. magnet. The disadvantage is the lack of data on the characteristics of the load, thrust, used in the relay control circuit, as well as the need for periodic magnetization, which, incidentally, also from Minato no information.

there demon MIAT engine fuel passage "dead" point magnets which, Minato terminology is called a point "collapse", is provided by feeding a short power pulse to the electromagnetic coil stator. It is this feature and provided design Minato high efficiency and quiet operation at high speeds of rotation.

If oil and gas when ignited immediately gives all its energy potential, the magnetic field is not so simple. Stored in the permanent magnet energy can perform useful work, but at the same propulsion design is very complicated. The analogue of the magnet can be very high capacity battery with at least a high internal resistance

Therefore, once there are several problems.: Receive greater power at the motor shaft at its small size and weight is difficult. Magnetic motor with time, as the accumulated energy consumption, will lose its power. Even the assumption that energy is replenished Earth's magnetic field, can not fill this gap.

The main drawback in the design of the engine is a requirement of precision assembly engine design, which prevents it from mass development. Minato till now working to identify the optimal location of the permanent magnets.
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