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Free energy generator from power transformer
Free energy generator from power transformer

Free energy generator from power transformer

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Free energy generator can be made from a power transformer, or rather on a transformer steel core. All factory windings will have to be removed and reeled up. However, you will not have much to shave, which pleases.

Free energy generator operates by precession of core atoms (NMR) and ferro-resonance. Each core has its own frequency, which is in the range of several tens of kilohertz.

The generator can be assembled on a ferrite core, but ferrite is gradually destroyed. Transformer steel, in contrast to ferrite, has a sufficiently large plasticity and works without limitations.

The manual is proposed with the scheme of generator and a description of the principle of work for self-production with their own hands and head. Of the advantages of the generator: not too large dimensions with good power and no grounding.

The power of the generator is 5-10 times higher than the overall power of the "iron". Such a good return is achieved by working at higher frequencies. At the same time, the core is not heated and noisy.

Naturally, in addition to the core you will need other details, which in principle are few. Also, some knowledge of electronics and practical experience in assembling electronic circuits are required.

The disadvantage of the generator is that not every core is working, that is, transformer steel will have to be selected in terms of luck. This is the main reason for the poor repeatability of such devices, including super electric motors, which in fact operate on a similar principle. If you were interested in the topic, you probably know that there is a sufficient number of developments of super transformers and motors that some work, but others do not. Why it is not possible to use the first available transformer iron is explained in the Manual.

As the generator is assembled, you will be able to consult on the issues of interest.
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Вы можете сказать какое железо нужно? чтобы уже точно знать смогу я найти его или нет.
Нужен сердечник с повышенным содержанием кремния. Это как правило старые трансформаторы 60-70-х годов.
Interesuet etat BTG. Kak ja magu oplatyt I poluchit detalnuju informaciju po povadu sborki ?
Жмете кнопку Заказать, указываете свой e-mail и получаете на него варианты оплаты
This generator can be used at home?
Can. The most important thing is to find good iron
Меня интересует схема генератора получится 10 Квт или нет
Теоретически да. На практике, прежде чем гоняться за мощностью, научитесь добывать хотя бы 1 вт прибавки.
Значит может и не получится? Вдруг не удастся найти хорошее железо?
В свободной энергетике легких путей нет. Иначе розетки уже были бы не нужны.
А можно сначала посмотреть схему, а затем я оплачу, если схема меня устроит?
Если бы было можно, так бы и написали: люди вот вам схема, а если понравится, то вы тогда ее оплатите. В наше время трудно надеяться на честное слово.
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