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Stephen Mark TPU Free Energy Generator
Stephen Mark TPU Free Energy Generator

Stephen Mark TPU Free Energy Generator

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Схема TPU Otto Ronette
Схема TPU Otto Ronette
Схема TPU Otto Ronette

Stephen Mark's TPU generator stands out sharply from the rest of the non-fuel generators with an original approach to the design of the BTG. This generator does not contain radio frequency resonators. The working part of the TPU is a metal ring about 20 cm in diameter, with coils of thick stranded wire dressed on it.

Mark repeatedly demonstrated his generator to the public, made presentations in search of investors, but then disappeared from view, that in the USA there is a rule rather than an exception. Where the inventor has disappeared can only guess. In the best case, the development of classified.

Mark had several followers who managed to get good results. One of them is Otto Ronette. Otto's construction is somewhat different - it consists of two plastic rings with a thick pair of wires attached to them. Wires between the rings are connected crosswise. At the same time, the principle of obtaining surplus energy in the structures of Mark and Otto is the same. Otto generator circuit freely on the Internet.

The complexity of both designs lies in the fact that they use a multi-phase master oscillator. At the same time, fine tuning is required according to the ratio of phases and amplitudes. At home, to make such a BTG with your own hands is very difficult.

The authors of the generators did not disseminate information about the principle of operation of their structures. In specialized forums, the principle of gaining is usually associated with the use of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), which of course looks solid, but for practical use it is useless. NMR is always expensive. Surplus energy has a completely different source.

A description of the principle of operation of such generators and a guide to assembling a simple structure that can be performed at home are offered. Of the equipment you only need a simple oscilloscope.

A steel ring with a diameter of 15-20 cm with two coils is used as the working medium. Power supply of single-phase coils from a common generator. Output power BTG about 100 watts. It can be increased if you take security measures associated with sufficiently powerful radiation of the ring.

The generator does not contain arresters and high-voltage circuits; it can be used both for power supply and for heating.

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