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Free energy generator of Sergey Alekseev
Free energy generator of Sergey Alekseev

Free energy generator of Sergey Alekseev

Sergei Alekseev succeeded in repeating DIY Free energy generator according to the well-known scheme of Ruslan Kulabukhov.

In principle, supernovae are often ignited. than someone can achieve an increase in the scheme Ruslan. A hundred, maybe. and one thousand assemblies is successful. And this, in spite of the fact that the scheme of this Free energy generator would seem to be studied to the smallest detail. What is the secret of rare successes and bitterness of mass disappointments?

As practice has shown, the generator of free energy is absolutely inadequate to copy accurately. It is necessary to clearly understand how the device works, where the increase occurs. This is the main problem of our time. Neither Alexeyev, nor Kulabukhov, nor even Roman Karnoukhov, from whom the generator circuit went, the principle of gaining an increase is unknown. It's just that the guys have a flair, but they also fail them periodically.

In any case, Sergei probably needs to be congratulated for good luck and wish further development of the topic. And novice seekers of free energy should even more wish patience. As they say: if you suffer for a long time, something will come out. The problem is in the unusual work of the "coach", which must interact with the "grenade" in such a way that a Tehposky radiant arises - an impulsive monopolar electric field. If this is not the case, there is nowhere to take an increase in Free energy generator.

Accordingly, on the Internet there are such passages:
I worked on his (Alekseyev) explanations not alone they are liars arrogant liars or just schizophrenics (Kulabukhov and Alekseev).

And this is written by Kulabukhov:
He never consulted with me! He is a liar and an impudent thief! As a special I'll say clearly - IT DOES NOT WORK. Do not flatter yourself!

Approximately the same words were said by Roman Karnoukhov about Kulabukhov. In general, all stole everything, all stupid, it does not work. Fun time And it can not be otherwise, because there is no theory and every "artel" is guided by his own ideas about the processes. At the same time the performances change all the time, which is absolutely natural. Even Einstein changed his opinions, and even he ultimately made a mistake.

If you do not want to make a mistake, do not immediately take up complex devices. Do not need all these heaped up boards and out-of-the-way equipment. It is much easier to obtain a radiant in the classical Kapanadze scheme. To do this, calculate the resonance quarter-wave frequency of the inductor. Suppose it was 10 MHz. Then it is necessary to choose an even multiple multiple resonant frequency of the oscillatory circuit. For example, we chose 100 kHz. The difference between the frequencies was 100. You can use a different even difference. With a large difference, the presence of a resistor in the circuit is necessary. This helps to interrupt the spark directly by the wave.

The nominal value of the resistor corresponds to the reactance of the capacitance or inductance at the vibrational resonant frequency. By changing the resistance of the resistor, it is necessary to achieve an effect when a light shock pulse is felt from the coil in time to the discharges. The impulse is felt by hand a few centimeters from the coil.
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