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Original solar cells
Original solar cells

Original solar cells

When buying solar batteries, the buyer there are only two, maximum three questions: what is the capacity of how much it costs, sometimes - life to get comfortable answer, buy and not the fact that in one season solar battery will lose 30-40% of the power. 

Despite the fact that the period of the solar battery can be stated quite solid, what will be the efficiency of the solar panels through the season - two, one can only guess
it will work but how effectively? It is not uncommon for an open or corrosion of the internal circuits. As a rule, the first is due to changes in temperature and different expansion coefficients of the materials used. 

It is worth to mention that many manufacturers of cheap solar panels to save on everything, not to mention the thickness of the solar cells and even mounting rails . The purity and quality of the solar cells, margin of safety, allowable wind loads, many manufacturers do not care about . It is only important appearance, price and performance of the solar cell in point of sale.

There are a lot of nuances. Thickness and strength of glass, bandwidth, spectrum. As far as the expansion coefficient of the materials of construction corresponds to the solar cells . Material and parameters meet all operating band tokosomnoy .

Since the laminating film gives poor quality substantial shrinkage at low temperatures. As a result of depressurization, reduced efficiency and premature failure of the . You can continue for a long time, up to grade solder and sealant . And believe me, even this is no small matter, given the almost extreme conditions of the solar battery operation for many years.

Unfortunately for the buyer and seller in the first place is important price of solar panels. But the original solar panel - a quality battery

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