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How to choose a good solar cell
How to choose a good solar cell

How to choose a good solar cell

If as an alternative energy source you choose to buy cheap chinese solar panels, be prepared that the photoelectric elements of the modules are made of amorphous or polycrystalline of silicon. This explained the difference in price, the efficiency and timing of solar batteries.

The life of monocrystalline solar panels is due only sealing materials . Uniformity switchgear Lenia electrical properties allows to increase the efficiency up to 18-20% single crystal silicon is resistant to chemical, atmospheric and climatic aggressive impact on air covered with a protective oxide film that is transparent to infrared and visible spectrum insolation.

In recently, sale there were the so-called multicrystalline silicon solar panels. not to be confused with the single crystal.

In fact, this polycrystalline or amorphous solar cells, but for the purpose of substitution of concepts and greater fonetich . Tion similarity with monocrystalline solar panels name changed. After several years of operation, these batteries have to be changed.

A good example of polycrystalline solar cells - LED garden lanterns. In the second season of operation it is working much shorter period, 4 to 5 hours at most . And there is no reason to change the battery, it still will not be fully charged, due to reduced solar cell efficiency, which leads to chronic undercharging and premature battery failure of down And that's not all.

Types of solar panels can be divided into two conditional categories:

The first to work. The thickness of the photovoltaic elements provides deep photon and electron emission elaborate life .

Second for sale. Solar cells which tend to foil thickness. With all the attendant. It is to this tend to cheap chinese photovoltaic panel.

In case of significant wind loads and insufficient thickness of the glass carrier, given the fragility of the silicon wafers consequences are predictable maintainability is zero. Chinese solar cells are very sensitive to low temperatures, due to the use of cheap laminating film. When a negative temperature gives EVA film shrinkage occurs as a result of depressurization, air entering between the solar cell and the glass. The air gap reduces the efficiency of the overall solar cell current that corresponds to maximum current worst element. On the current-carrying tires corrosion occurs. Subsequently, when temperature differences day night EVA film is completely peeled off with the corresponding failure of the solar panel.

It is of great importance and structure of the glass surface on which solar cells are laminated. Smooth glass reflects part of the direct solar radiation and a large portion of the scattered. Textured, nizkoreflektornoe - gathers diffuse light and does not reflect the direct sunlight. Power input optical radiation is increased by 12-15%. This increases the efficiency of solar cells especially in cloudy weather, which is important in our climatic conditions. Tempered glass on the order increases the reliability of solar design.

High-quality solar cell - the ideal source of energy.

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