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Thermal generator Rossi E-Cat
Thermal generator Rossi E-Cat

Thermal generator Rossi E-Cat

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In the heat generator Andrea Rossi for the production of heat, the decomposition of nickel atoms in the presence of hydrogen is used. The generator generates more heat than it consumes. The efficiency of the generator is more than 700%.

Buy a generator Rossi difficult. The reason is clear: people should buy the services of energy monopolies. Attempts to manufacture are hampered by licensing.

The Rossi heat generator in the simplest case is a ceramic tubular reactor with nickel powder, hydrogen and a catalyst. To initiate the reaction, it is necessary to heat the tube up to 1200-1400°C.

A ceramic tube made from alumina can be used for a reactor with a thermal generator. The length of the tube is 120 mm, the outer diameter is 10 mm, and the inner diameter is 5 mm. Nichrome wire is wound on the pipe as an electric heater. A Ni powder and a Li [AlH4] catalyst (lithium aluminum hydride) are placed in the tube. Both ends of the pipe are sealed with heat-resistant cement. The surface of the reactor is also covered with cement.

Rossi developed a series of E-Cat generators for various applications. The working element in the generators is water or other liquid refrigerant.

The technology is patented by Rossi as a method and device for performing a highly effective exothermic reaction between nickel and hydrogen atoms in a pipe filled with nickel powder and heated to a temperature of 150 to 5000°C. In the device, hydrogen is injected into a metal tube containing nickel powder at a pressure of 2 up to 20 bar.

The inventor introduces his thermal generators for more than 10 years. During this time, many presentations and independent tests were conducted, confirming the efficiency of the generators. On the Internet, more than ten websites with E-Cat themes were created, which are mostly for advertising purposes. Currently, half of them do not open.

The Rossi thermo generator can be made by one's own hands, but for this you need to know some secrets that can not be found on the Internet.

A guide is proposed for the manufacture of the generator of the house. As a fuel, ordinary nickel is used, which can be purchased via the Internet. One 100-gram refueling is enough to heat the house all winter.

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Здравствуйте. Можно регулировать. Запуск можно сделать автоматически, при снижении температуры. Хватит приблизительно на столько же, сколько и обычного ТЭН, но потребление будет на порядок меньше.
Thermal generator Rossi E-CatThermal generator Rossi E-Cat

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