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Alternative energy of the sun
Alternative energy of the sun

Alternative energy of the sun

Total Solar . energy reaching the Earth's surface 6.7 times the global capacity of fossil fuel resources Using only 0.5% of the stock would completely cover the global energy demand for Millennium .

The total amount of solar energy, coming to the surface of the Earth in a week than the energy of the world's reserves of oil, gas, coal and uranium. and in Russia the greatest theoretical potential, more than 2,000 billion. tons of oil equivalent (toe), it has solar power. Despite this great potential for a new energy program, Russia's contribution to renewable energy is defined in a very small space. There is a widespread perception that solar energy is an exotic and its practical application, in the distant future. It is not solar energy is a serious alternative to traditional energy.

It is known that every year as much oil consumed in the world, as her about into that of natural conditions for 2 million years. Giant rates of non-renewable energy consumption at a relatively low price, which does not reflect the actual total cost of society, is essentially mean life in loans, credits for future generations, which will not be available at such a low energy price. Energy-saving technologies for the solar home is the most appropriate for the economic efficiency of their use. Their use will reduce energy consumption in homes

The most practical application of obtained hybrid solar-fuel power plants with the parameters in the world. Efficiency of 13.9%, a vapor temperature of 371 oC, the vapor pressure of 100 bar, the cost of electricity generated 0.08-0.12 US $ / kWh, the total power of 400 MW in the US at a cost of $ 3 / watt. SES operates in a peak mode at a selling price per 1 kWh of electricity in the power system: from 8 to 12 chas. dollars-0,066 and from 12 to 18 chas.- 0,353 dollars .. SES efficiency can be increased to 23% - average efficiency. power system, and power cost is reduced due to the combined production of electricity and heat.

major technological achievement of the project is to provide a firm Flachglass Solartechnik glass production technology parabolic trough concentrator length 100 m, 81% optical efficiency and working life of 30 years . With this mirror technology in Russia should the mass production of solar energy in the southern regions.

In principle, new types of solar concentrates using holography technology offered VIESH. Its main characteristics - a combination of the positive qualities of solar power plants with a central receiver module type and the ability to be used as a receiver both traditional paronagrevateley and solar cells based on silicon

One. of the most promising solar energy technologies is to provide a photovoltaic plants with solar cells based on silicon, which is converted into electrical energy direct and scattered solar radiation components with an efficiency of 12-15%. Laboratory samples have an efficiency of 23%. World production of solar cells is greater than 50 MW per year and is increasing annually by 30%. Solar power replace kerosene lamps, candles, dry cells and batteries, but at a considerable distance from the power system and low-load power -. Diesel generators and power lines

In this way, today, solar energy is is the main form of alternative energy.
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