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На сайте представлены ноу-хау, а также готовые устройства и конструкции ручной сборки в сфере энергии (энергетики) для для дома и автомобиля. Мы уделяем внимание всему оригинальному (необычному), что касается различных видов энергии, экономии энергии, а также экономичного транспорта. 

Самое интересное:

Free energy generator from power transformer Free energy generator from power transformer buy 89 USD
Free energy generator can be made from a power transformer, or rather on a transformer steel core. All factory windings will have to be removed and reeled up. However, you will not have much to shave, which pleases. Free energy generator operates by precession of core atoms (NMR) and ferro-resonance. Each core has its own frequency, which is in the range of several tens of kilohertz. The ...
Simple Free energy generator without ground Simple Free energy generator without ground buy 54 USD
DIY Free energy generator is rather simple. For Assembly does not need a lot of experience. Has hard to find parts and does not require grounding. Great version of the eternal source for car or electrocuter.Of critical importance is the fact that due to the simple design scheme does not require any configuration. Collect, include and it works. Fuelless power generator is determined by the ...
Original DIY free energy generator Original DIY free energy generator buy 116 USD
The original DIY free energy generator. Manual of the free energy generator for self-assembly with a detailed explanation of the principle of the emergence of additional energy.Non-fuel generators are a special kind of power supply when more energy is generated at the output than fed to the input, and at the loopback of the supply, a "perpetual motion" is obtained. There are many free ...
WIG craft Orca-1 WIG craft Orca-1 buy 458 USD
WIG craft ( ekranoplan ) ORCA-1 to was designed according to the idea of an ekranoplan-tandem, but unfortunately, did not reach production. This happened in those distant times when there were still people in the country who understood how to build ekranoplans. Now many things have been forgotten, and therefore you simply will not find an alternative. There are no detailed drawings of other ...
GEET-plazma reactor GP-3000 GEET-plazma reactor GP-3000 buy 159 USD
The GEET-plazma GP-3000 reactor is a cyclone-type separator and a Pantone GEET reactor in one housing. The device is designed to replace automotive catalytic converters. GEET-plazma reaktor allows you to significantly save on fuel and unlike the catalytic converter does not "choke" the engine.30-50% of fuel economy! If you decide to remove the faulty catalyst and do not know what to replace it ...
Pulse desulfation device Pulse desulfation device buy 80 USD
The original ispulsnoe desulfation device allows you to restore lost capacity car battery in the future, with occasional use, increasing the battery life of 3-4 years. There are many different desulfation device powered devices on the principle of charge-discharge or charge AC. All of these devices are able to restore and kumulyatory have lost no more than 15% capacity. It is a different quality ...

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