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New ideas in radio

Original design in the field of radio communications.
DIY Small-sized original HF antenna

DIY Small-sized original HF antenna

The radio communication at short waves importance placed antennas. Full-size HF antenna requires to place a lot of space, especially the antenna to a range of 160 m and below. An original design of a small-sized magnetic antenna on any of the HF bands. The antenna consists of flat spirals that I can be implemented as of the wires or tapes, and through the printed circuit. The antenna on the range of 160 meters will measure 30h30h5 see. No ma logabaritnaya antenna even made by EH technology and closely compares with it in size. Depending on the distances between the conductors, the antenna may have the input impedance of 50-300 ohms, i. e. , radiation resistance is at Full-size design and therefore little antennka shows similar radiating capacity.
DIY Mercury antenna

DIY Mercury antenna

New - well forgotten old. There are many facts abnormal reception on mercury antenna in fact mercury antenna - the simplest Free energy generator with few clear principles work really draw energy from the ether Mercury can participate in abnormal energy processes. It is enough to take a dozen fluorescent lamps and put them around properly made transformer Tesla. All the lamps will glow. Where does energy come from? The same way and incomprehensible gain mercury antenna is very weak signals. But the antenna is working in the manufacture is necessary to understand how it works . Just fill tubes or light bulbs with mercury, as described in numerous sources - this is nothing more than a dangerous experiments, obviously doomed to failure Mercury itself does not possess properties unknown.

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