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Alternative energy

a Variety of interesting designs not included in the main section.
Solar Power Hut-100/12

Solar Power Hut-100/12

This original mini-solar power plant is able to provide energy to a small holiday home. you can use lighting, watching TV, using a laptop and a short electrical kitchen appliances. Power kit is compact enough. It can be dismantled and taken away from the garden during your absence. The kit: On lnechnaya battery 100W Battery 60 A / h Battery charging controller 12/240 inverter, 1 kW peak power The main advantage of the power plant - low price Similar in performance kits are in two or more times greater due to what is achieved by saving money. As part of the power plant uses a unique controller charging with high efficiency, and the algorithm works, allowing use of conventional car batteries instead of expensive special. Battery life is not reduced.
22000 RUB
386 USD
Small wind turbine for low wind

Small wind turbine for low wind

Guidance on the production of their own hands. Sail-bladed wind turbine for low and moderate wind. In areas with weak winds, the use of conventional bladed wind turbines is possible since they operate on the principle of the streamlined profile. due to the small Reynolds number small bluff blades at low wind speeds, there turbulentnos and sharply reduces the generator efficiency. At low wind use sailing wind generators, but they are large, require the use of multipliers and can not withstand gusts of strong wind Proposed generator without flaws sailing analogs. The essence of the generator lies in the fact that when moving into the wind, the unfolding plane side. As a result, when a plane of maximum wind power, the second is in the position of minimum resistance.
2000 RUB
36 USD
Original use of the old refrigerator

Original use of the old refrigerator

To grow a good crop of vegetables on cottage - only half of the case is necessary to even it and save the Make it in an urban environment, in the absence of the cellar is not possible, because in the refrigerator still does not fit At the same time, many are still preserved the old non-working refrigerators which is a pity to throw away or hunting or carry large and heavy. If you put an old refrigerator on the balcony and provide an electric heater, turn to the original design injured harvest for the winter. As the temperature controller can be used any industrial device having a thermostat 4-5 degrees. Such a "refrigerator vice versa " uses very little electricity. in winter, it can be stored and other products, thus relieving the main refrigerator.
Original solar cells

Original solar cells

When buying solar batteries, the buyer there are only two, maximum three questions: what is the capacity of how much it costs, sometimes - life to get comfortable answer, buy and not the fact that in one season solar battery will lose 30-40% of the power. Despite the fact that the period of the solar battery can be stated quite solid, what will be the efficiency of the solar panels through the season - two, one can only guess it will work but how effectively? It is not uncommon for an open or corrosion of the internal circuits. As a rule, the first is due to changes in temperature and different expansion coefficients of the materials used.
How to choose a good solar cell

How to choose a good solar cell

If as an alternative energy source you choose to buy cheap chinese solar panels, be prepared that the photoelectric elements of the modules are made of amorphous or polycrystalline of silicon. This explained the difference in price, the efficiency and timing of solar batteries. The life of monocrystalline solar panels is due only sealing materials . Uniformity switchgear Lenia electrical properties allows to increase the efficiency up to 18-20% single crystal silicon is resistant to chemical, atmospheric and climatic aggressive impact on air covered with a protective oxide film that is transparent to infrared and visible spectrum insolation. In recently, sale there were the so-called multicrystalline silicon solar panels. not to be confused with the single crystal.
Gas power plant with their own hands

Gas power plant with their own hands

As an alternative energy source for the home are often used compact diesel or petrol generators. recently, an alternative to gasoline becomes gas-propane. gas portable power are not much different from the gasoline generator in construction, but many times more expensive. And not because of gas equipment too expensive, so that the unit is not yet inundated stores. You can buy s conversion kit gasoline generator and gas generator to alter the home with their own hands Despite the fact that the cost of a set of gas power station is around 5-6 thousand rubles, you will still be great save on the family budget, but there are two problems: 1. The set is designed to run on propane balloon. 2.
2000 RUB
36 USD
Alternative wind energy

Alternative wind energy

Wind - a powerful source of alternative energy wind energy is very high This energy can be produced without polluting the environment, but in the wind, there are two major drawbacks: its energy is strongly scattered in space and it is unpredictable. Building maintenance, repair of wind turbines, working around the clock in any weather in the open air, is not cheap. Wind power plant with the same capacity as hydroelectric power stations, thermal power station or nuclear power plant, compare uw them should occupy a large area Besides wind power unsound:. they interfere with the flight of birds and insects, noise, radio waves reflected by the rotating blades, creating interference to TV in nearby settlements.
Alternative energy of the sun

Alternative energy of the sun

Total Solar . energy reaching the Earth's surface 6. 7 times the global capacity of fossil fuel resources Using only 0. 5% of the stock would completely cover the global energy demand for Millennium . The total amount of solar energy, coming to the surface of the Earth in a week than the energy of the world's reserves of oil, gas, coal and uranium. and in Russia the greatest theoretical potential, more than 2,000 billion. tons of oil equivalent (toe), it has solar power. Despite this great potential for a new energy program, Russia's contribution to renewable energy is defined in a very small space. There is a widespread perception that solar energy is an exotic and its practical application, in the distant future.
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