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Free energy

The section free energy enables the construction of fuel-less generators BTG and BTC fuelless engines. PC of the free energy typically covers devices without moving parts, capable of producing more energy than you consume. PC fuelless engines related different designs with the property of autorotation. br>
sushestvujut hundreds of patents on the creation of electromagnetic motors and generators of free energy. Many of these inventions were created in the late 19th and early 20th century, but since the mid-20th century to the present time, the flow of these inventions is increasing rapidly, and despite this, their application in the modern economy is zero.

perva the reason lies in the fact that the discoveries on the use of free energy undermine the economic interests of that part of the ruling class which control the production of energy in the form of coal, oil, gas, hydropower, nuclear power plants, etc. because it virtually puts an end to the existence of these kinds of sectors of social production and, thereby, deprives this part of the ruling class of their wealth. This is why energy companies use all legal and illegal means to prevent the introduction of free energy in our lives: buying and freezing of patents, the denial of grants to study free energy, disinformation people through the media about the impossibility of the existence of free energy and its anti-scientific, and if that doesn't work threaten or kill the inventors of free energy devices.

putora reason - lack of interest and fear of the state. The consequences of the introduction of free energy are in complete contradiction with the basic rule of the game of capitalist society: the creation of more jobs for the working population. Svobodnaya energy closes a labour-intensive industry and, thus, instead of creating works in a capitalist society, based on what capitalist production and that welcomes capitalist state, it deprives tens of millions of people out of work.

ptrety reason if the free energy inventors, as a rule, do not understand the source of its origin and only based on his innate intuition, create inventions in terms of production. Therefore, to reproduce such a device specialist without the assistance of the inventor is very difficult, and as a consequence, most people declares the device quackery.
of Course, you have to admit that some of the inventors come across such a category of people, but this does not mean that all inventions fall under this category. On the other hand, there may be some persistent or talented professionals have been able to build this device, if its creation was not associated with relatively high material costs.

odnako, progress can be slow, but not stop it. The use of free energy in our lives will be a necessity as running water, actuated slaves of Rome. More recently, fiction seemed to be a mass use of solar energy, but it took quite a few years, and now solar panels can buy anyone.

Free energy original Alternative energy

Small wind turbine for low wind Guidance on the production of their own hands. Sail-bladed wind turbine for low and moderate wind. In areas with weak winds, the use of conventional bladed wind turbines is possible since they operate on the principle of the streamlined profile. due to the small Reynolds number small bluff blades at low wind speeds, there turbulentnos and sharply reduces the generator efficiency.
Alternative wind energy Wind - a powerful source of alternative energy wind energy is very high This energy can be produced without polluting the environment, but in the wind, there are two major drawbacks: its energy is strongly scattered in space and it is unpredictable. Building maintenance, repair of wind turbines, working around the clock in any weather in the open air, is not cheap.
Alternative energy of the sun Total Solar . energy reaching the Earth's surface 6. 7 times the global capacity of fossil fuel resources Using only 0. 5% of the stock would completely cover the global energy demand for Millennium . The total amount of solar energy, coming to the surface of the Earth in a week than the energy of the world's reserves of oil, gas, coal and uranium. and in Russia the greatest theoretical potential, more than 2,000 billion. tons of oil equivalent (toe), it has solar power.
Gas power plant with their own hands As an alternative energy source for the home are often used compact diesel or petrol generators. recently, an alternative to gasoline becomes gas-propane. gas portable power are not much different from the gasoline generator in construction, but many times more expensive. And not because of gas equipment too expensive, so that the unit is not yet inundated stores.
Original use of the old refrigerator To grow a good crop of vegetables on cottage - only half of the case is necessary to even it and save the Make it in an urban environment, in the absence of the cellar is not possible, because in the refrigerator still does not fit At the same time, many are still preserved the old non-working refrigerators which is a pity to throw away or hunting or carry large and heavy.
Original solar cells When buying solar batteries, the buyer there are only two, maximum three questions: what is the capacity of how much it costs, sometimes - life to get comfortable answer, buy and not the fact that in one season solar battery will lose 30-40% of the power.
How to choose a good solar cell If as an alternative energy source you choose to buy cheap chinese solar panels, be prepared that the photoelectric elements of the modules are made of amorphous or polycrystalline of silicon. This explained the difference in price, the efficiency and timing of solar batteries. The life of monocrystalline solar panels is due only sealing materials .
Solar Power Hut-100/12This original mini-solar power plant is able to provide energy to a small holiday home. you can use lighting, watching TV, using a laptop and a short electrical kitchen appliances. Power kit is compact enough. It can be dismantled and taken away from the garden during your absence.

Free energy original Free energy generators

Free energy generator from power transformer Free energy generator can be made from a power transformer, or rather on a transformer steel core. All factory windings will have to be removed and reeled up. However, you will not have much to shave, which pleases. Free energy generator operates by precession of core atoms (NMR) and ferro-resonance. Each core has its own frequency, which is in the range of several tens of kilohertz. The generator can be assembled on a ferrite core, but ferrite is gradually destroyed.
The Smith Generator D. Smith is one of the brands in the field of free energy, second only to the popularity of Nikole Tesla. At the same time, Smith has only one design of the fuelless generator, while Kapanadze does Free Energy Generator as if he bakes pies. But the question is certainly not in popularity, but in the possibility of repeating a particular device. How many people tried to repeat Smith is difficult to say, but a lot. The design is extremely simple: a spark resonator swings the spark generator.
Practical schemes of Free energy generatorsThis article is for those who are looking for a scheme of a fuel free generator of free energy. There are many schemes in the network, some of them are posted here. The first plan from the Armored train is shown on the tab. In fact, this is an attempt to repeat the shark. All hope for an elusive and wonderful regime, which is ensured by the magnetostrictive properties of ferrite. Ferrite is not suitable for everyone, but nobody knows how to pick it. Neither an armored train, nor a shark.
Tesla radiant energyRadiant energy (radiant) by definition of Tesla is a special kind of energy not associated with ordinary electricity. At the instruction of the theorists of the then emerging radio engineering, which creates waves of Hertz (radio waves) in the arrester, Tesla responded with a categorical objection. In 2011, the documentary Free Energy of Tesla was released. Look. There is a lot of speculation in the film, and yet it's interesting to watch it.
Where and how to buy Free energy generatorFree energy generator - fuel-less generator is that you can't buy in the store. People are spoiled by the dominance of goods for all occasions, this situation refuse to understand. The diagnosis "you can buy everything", absorbed into modern human so that is not treated. Because under the guise of fuel-free generators, buyers sell anything, but not Free energy generator . Why not sell, if the buyer wants? And sell. And buy.
DIY Free energy generatorsDIY generators free energy are not fiction, but real original devices capable of transferring mankind to a new level of development. It's another matter that humanity does not want to develop, but this should not stop the creative impulse of individual representatives of our civilization. The concept of a physical vacuum, as a source of energy, finds more and more supporters. The fundamental works on the nature of the "zero point" energy have been published.
Simple Free energy generator without groundDIY Free energy generator is rather simple. For Assembly does not need a lot of experience. Has hard to find parts and does not require grounding. Great version of the eternal source for car or electrocuter. Of critical importance is the fact that due to the simple design scheme does not require any configuration. Collect, include and it works. Fuelless power generator is determined by the structural dimensions and may vary from hundreds of watts to several kilowatts.
Work description Free energy generator of KulabuhovFree energy generators of Ruslan Kulabuhov attracts homebrew with no gaps. But this advantage is offset by the complexity and difficulty settings. Ruslan, despite the obvious effort, still could not give a lucid description of the principle of getting a raise. However, the generator Kulabukhova begins with the essence of the understanding of the processes that occur in the "pot" and "grenade".
Free energy generator of Sergey AlekseevSergei Alekseev succeeded in repeating DIY Free energy generator according to the well-known scheme of Ruslan Kulabukhov. In principle, supernovae are often ignited. than someone can achieve an increase in the scheme Ruslan. A hundred, maybe. and one thousand assemblies is successful. And this, in spite of the fact that the scheme of this Free energy generator would seem to be studied to the smallest detail.
Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy on the pulse transformer to the old color TV generator was produced in small series for geologists Generator Khmelevskiy - a perfect example of forgetfulness humanity few as 30 years ago, geologists hauled in backpacks real BTG, absolutely not thinking about the originality of the device.
Free energy generators plan If you need a working plan of free energy generator, you will surely find it on this site, but first read this short little article. So, fuel-free generator ( free energy generator) - device produces electricity without fuel consumption. At present, there is enough to BTG great practical interest, probably associated with the steady decline in incomes, as a result of dreaming .
DIY real Free energy generator Scheme real Free energy generator detailing to build with their own hands. absolutely operating circuit. it is free. The dream samodelschikov of all time. this is very similar to the free cheese in a mousetrap. Now even for the wastes to be paid. and for the original development need to pay a lot. It is unlikely that Ba to have a willingness to pay for "freebie" at least ruble If there is, listen please humanitarian lecture.
Sale Free energy generators of KapanadzeThe free energy generator of Tariel Kapanadze. The generator made the author's own 7 years ago and demonstrated to a wide audience. The generator output up to 3 KW. Voltage 240 Volts 50 Hz. Running from the battery, then the battery is disconnected and the generator is offline indefinitely. Science teaches us that perpetual motion machines don't exist. Many people believe that, but not all.
DIY Atmospheric power stationManual for assembling an atmospheric power plant with your own hands (DIY). Power plant power depends on the length of the receiving wire and can reach 200-300 watts. In our time it is believed that an atmospheric power plant can not give enough energy, but this is an erroneous opinion. Meanwhile, atmospheric electricity has been used for a long time and successfully, which there is a lot of evidence (see photo above).
Atmospheric nuclear power plant 100 The original atmospheric power for the home, using the electrostatic air charge . as an alternative energy sources are commonly used sun or the wind, but it is very rarely used atmospheric electrostatics few people know that a few hundred years. back energy collection from the atmosphere has been quite popular as well as the atmospheric static collectors used various metal block RP G designs on the dome of the church, similar to modern crosses.

Free energy original Free energy motor

Electrostatic generator TESTATIC The Bauman Testatic machine (Distatic, ML-machine) is a perfect example of an operating free-energy generator. Basically, it is an engine-generator, which uses static electricity to generate electricity. The generator became famous after the publication in the media. In the spiritual community of Methernita, Linden in Switzerland, since the 1980s, devices have been built that generate 220 volts for the everyday needs of the village.
Magnetic energy motor-generator Magnetic energy motor-generator. Know-how is a symbiosis of permanent magnets and bifilar coils. Bifilar coils are installed with a specific shifted angle to convert the parasitic current into usable energy. Permanent magnets are required to maintain the rotation. Initial start is performed by a battery or any other external source of energy. After a minute or so when the device achieves needed RPM the external sources of energy can be unplugged.
Free energy wheel of BediniMotor-wheel free energy Bedini. This engine tries to repeat many novice builders of free energy generators. But Bedini motor controls only Bedini. What's the problem? Problem is that Bedini knows what to do, and understands what is necessary to achieve its secret But do not hide it. is necessary to achieve the pulse shaped like the letter h at the same time, numerous replication pulse is pho. yoke damped sinusoid.
Free energy motor of Lazarev Nikolai Lazarev created operating and rather simple structure Free energy motor using capillary effect. This Free energy motor, consists of a tank divided by a porous partition into an upper and a lower part. The parts are interconnected at the expense of the tube, at which from the lower chamber the top is a fluid flow. The pores allow gravity to flow down.
Free energy engine motor of Emelyanchenkov Yemelyanchenko demonstrates the simplest Free energy engine motor with permanent magnets. The motor rotor rotates itself. The engine of the permanent magnet is considered one of the most promising options fuelless engine. The permanent magnet is hidden a lot of energy. The challenge is to isolate and convert the magnetic field into mechanical energy, elec an insulating and other forms of energy. On YouTube copyright rollers are removed, but a copy can be found here .
Free energy magnetic motor of MinatoFree energy magnetic motor Minato distinguish noiseless and high efficiency. According to his own statements Minato engine self-rotating magnetic similar design has an efficiency greater than 300%. rotor has the shape of a disc or wheel on which are arranged at a certain angle magnets. when it is applied to the stator with a large magnet, there is a time and Minato wheel starts to spin, using alternate convergence and repulsion of the poles.
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