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Fuel economy

Устройства для экономии моторного топлива. Предлагаем только реально работающие устройства.
Magnetic activator fuel cavitation

Magnetic activator fuel cavitation

Cavitation magnetic activator of fuel - one of the few magnetic devices actually reduce fuel consumption is no simple magnets fuels do not save and save can not fundamentally This page is created with the aim to respond to this letter: Although you have had enough and give a link to the magnets for car make another exception Many thanks Your quote:. . "If only because I'm tired otvechat letters with a request to explain why the purchased the magnets do not work, and show the website (not mine) with a single magnetic system that has been operating for decades, but, unfortunately, in the injector it does not apply because of the increased pressure in the fuel line. " By activating the expected effect on the fuel in order to improve its characteristics.
Binary fuel setting

Binary fuel setting

When the supply of the binary mixture of the engine, while gasoline and methane significantly reduces fuel consumption and improves traction. The distinctive features of the power of the internal combustion engine devices benzo-gas-air mixture is to reduce emission of toxic components in the exhaust gas, decrease in antiknock requirements fuel properties, increased engine life and improve a number of operational car performance. The existing industrial fuel binary devices are too expensive. At the same time there is a fairly simple way to implement this technology. You install in the trunk of a small car gas tank and connect it to the engine through a not a complicated device .

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