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The Smith Generator
The Smith Generator

The Smith Generator

Генератор Смита
Генератор Смита
Генератор Смита
Лекция по Смиту от Динатрона
Лекция по Смиту от Динатрона
Лекция по Смиту от Динатрона

D. Smith is one of the brands in the field of free energy, second only to the popularity of Nikole Tesla. At the same time, Smith has only one design of the fuelless generator, while Kapanadze does Free Energy Generator as if he bakes pies. But the question is certainly not in popularity, but in the possibility of repeating a particular device.

How many people tried to repeat Smith is difficult to say, but a lot. The design is extremely simple: a spark resonator swings the spark generator. But then there are 100500 questions on the subject of what diodes make in the circuit, how they can straighten the HF altogether, and from where from the generator there is additional energy, and even in a considerable amount of 1-10 KW or even more.

The theme of the generator Smith was widely discussed at various forums. Smith himself explained as much, but apparently explained badly. At that and ended. In the photo below, Comrade Dinatron, the popularizer of the Smith generator.

In principle, the device is repeatable. With fine tuning, you can get surplus energy, but not as the author tells. Well, at least, if you make the inductor exactly 4 times shorter than the resonator, then automatically in the wave resonance you will not get. A capacitive shunt in the cavity half is again treated with attention. But the design is certainly beautiful and interesting.

If you know the principle of operation, the generator can be started. In this case, you do not need to coil the coils with a silvered wire - ordinary copper in PVC will do. A sophisticated transformer at the output can be replaced by a conventional choke, etc. And in general, the design is for an amateur, besides not stable
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А как можно связаться с Динатроном Сергеем, чтобы проконсультироваться по гену Смита?
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