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Electrostatic generator TESTATIC 1000р. Electrostatic generator TESTATIC
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Electrostatic generator TESTATIC
Electrostatic generator TESTATIC

Electrostatic generator TESTATIC

Цена 1000 RUB (18 USD)

The Bauman Testatic machine (Distatic, ML-machine) is a perfect example of an operating free-energy generator. Basically, it is an engine-generator, which uses static electricity to generate electricity.

The generator became famous after the publication in the media.

In the spiritual community of Methernita, Linden in Switzerland, since the 1980s, devices have been built that generate 220 volts for the everyday needs of the village. The total capacity of the systems is more than 750 Kilowatt. The inventor named his device Swiss M-L converter, Thesta-Distatica, and stated that he received a description of the design and principles of work during meditation.

From a technical point of view, the device is a modernized Vimschurst electro-generative generator, whose drives are able to rotate constantly due to the forces of electrostatic interaction. The design also includes permanent magnets. The machine with a diameter of 20 centimeters produces about 200 watts of power, a large machine has a diameter of 2 meters and produces about 30 kW.

Details of the design description can be obtained from the Swiss Association of Free Energy. Developed and sold by a group of researchers "Methernita" CH 3517, Linden, Switzerland. The basis is the electrostatic generator Vimschurst, which uses steel or aluminum segments. It is noted that when using permanent horseshoe magnets in the modern version of the converter, the EDS significantly increases. A special diode module and Leyden jars provide frequency control due to resonance, since they are connected to coils of horseshoe magnets.

The generator uses the principle of strengthening the static by a magnetic field. In fact, the principle is the same as that of the Kapanadze generators, only in the version of Testatika static electricity occurs when the air is rubbing against the wheels of the machine.

About how to strengthen the statics with the help of a magnetic field, you can find out for a symbolic fee.
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Получив файл, я смогу собрать по нему Тестатику?
Тестатику вряд ли сможете, это достаточно сложная машина. Сможете собрать аппарат лучше и проще, если голова на плечах и Вам достаточно узнать как возникает прибавка.
Если у Вас документация по самозапитке и выработке энерги машины Баумана?
Такого нет. Агрегат слишком сложный для изготовления самостоятельно. То же самое можно достичь проще.
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