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Tesla radiant energy
Tesla radiant energy

Tesla radiant energy

Radiant energy (radiant) by definition of Tesla is a special kind of energy not associated with ordinary electricity. At the instruction of the theorists of the then emerging radio engineering, which creates waves of Hertz (radio waves) in the arrester, Tesla responded with a categorical objection.

In 2011, the documentary Free Energy of Tesla was released. Look. There is a lot of speculation in the film, and yet it's interesting to watch it. Radiant properties were radically different from radio waves.

1. The radiant freely penetrated through any screens and lost intensity linearly from distance.
2. Metal objects that fell into the rays were charged with static electricity, ferromagnets were magnetized.
3. The radiant, according to Tesla, immediately spread to any distance.
4. Radiant energy exceeded the energy spent on its creation.

It was precisely these points that Tesla presented to Hertz, which disappointed the father of radio engineering, but Hertz, in contrast to his contemporaries, did not break spears, but duly acknowledged the facts.

The radiant conditions were as follows: a short front of the current pulse through the spark gap plus elimination of oscillations after the arc was interrupted.

The essence of obtaining a radiant is to create a potential well in the conductor. Consider the example:
We have a coaxial cable. We charged its battery through high resistance. Now we cut the cable from one side. The potential is abruptly dissipated and a current pulse begins to escape through the cable. Similar accumulative lines are widely used in radio engineering to form rectangular pulses. But the radiant does not arise because the cable or stripline is different from a single wire. In the cable there are many capacitances and inductances, which are recharged according to the laws of LC circuits.

Quite another is the longitudinal wave in the wire. If you take a spiral resonator, there will be two resonances in it - usual on linear capacitances and inductances both in the cable and also in the wave. Wave resonance arises in the body of the wire due to the interaction of internal and surface atoms, and LC resonance is the result of the interaction of the wire with the surrounding medium. In the second case, Hertz waves arise, in the first case waves of Tesla.

Recall that the longitudinal wave propagates faster than usual. Those who experimented with resonators know perfectly well that the frequency of the wave resonance is higher. Superluminal pulses in the wire create shock waves.

Shock waves create impulses. If the wire oscillates, there will be no radiant effect. Because Tesla tried in every possible way to get rid of fluctuations in the arrester.
It is not difficult to imagine that the front that rides on the over-light has a huge energy, which is enough to destroy the crystal lattice and atoms. Thus, the radiant energy u turns out to be radiant. Atoms and particles of atoms fly apart perpendicular to the wire, exciting the air, and the wire itself gradually becomes more radioactive. The structure and composition of the wire also changes. This phenomenon has received the name of cold nuclear fusion (CNAS), although there is undoubtedly not only a synthesis, but first of all a breakdown and then synthesis.
This is confirmed both by Tesla himself (blue arrows) and by other researchers in the field of CNN.

All that is needed to create Tesla waves is a wire and a spark gap. You can use semiconductors. For example, Brovin received shock waves using transistors. Radiant Brovina is very weak, but nevertheless the wave passes through the screens and loses intensity linearly from the distance.

Failures with the replication of the Tesla amplifying transformer lie in the already established dogmas and misdirection of attention. Actually:

1. The surplus energy is already available in the inductor. The secondary winding serves only to increase the voltage.
2. The capacitor accelerates the appearance of the arc in the spark gap and further maintains the stability of the arc by increasing the current and reducing the resistance.
3. The magnetic arrester slows the break of the circuit and thus reduces the OEDF.
4. The surplus energy arises in the winding of the dynamo. Due to the considerable length of the wire, a longitudinal wave appears in the winding, which acts on the inductor simultaneously with the discharge current of the capacitor. The discharge time of the capacitor should not exceed a quarter of the wavelength.

The conditions are fairly simple, many thousands of experimenters have repeated them, but only a few have received positive results. So what is a radiant? Where is the fiction, and where are the facts?

Item 3 - fiction. Open Tesla shock waves do not spread instantly, but exceed the speed of radio waves. However, the superluminal speed also goes beyond the bounds of official science. Here we can give an analogy with the atmospheric explosion from which the shock wave goes faster than the speed of sound. But there was a time when supersonic was considered impossible.
However, the remaining items correspond to reality. Let's look at them in more detail.

1. The properties of the screen to delay radio waves are determined by the ability of the atoms of the screen to resonate at the frequency of the incident radio wave. Atoms of a sheet of paper resonate well in red, blue and green spectra, because we see white paper. White is not a color, it is three colors at the same time.
The metal absorbs radio waves when the screen's geometric dimensions correspond to a quarter or more of the wavelength, in which case the screen turns into an antenna. All that less than a quarter of a wave bends around.
If the wave is not oscillating but shock, with a sharp front, the atoms do not have time to swing to the beat, taking energy from the wave. Hence the almost free passage of the radiant through obstacles. A small absorption is still present, due to which Tesla managed to make a photo of the radiant fluxes with a long exposure of the photographic plates.
The linear decrease of the radiant as a function of distance is not characteristic of known fields, which decrease in accordance with a quadratic law.

2. Electrostatics and magnetism are associated with the directional action of the radiant. This is approximately how to hammer a nail with short strokes. If you pull the nail after each stroke, it will not work. When a hammer strikes a steel bar, it acquires a charge. With a single impact on the steel core by a magnetic field, it is magnetized. And if the field is variable, we get demagnetization.
With impact, you can move not only nails, which Tesla quite successfully did.

4. The most interesting point. So, is there an increase in energy?
Tesla said that the energy gives the ether. And under the ether I understood what I saw with my own eyes - the glowing currents emanating from my generators. In our time, under the air, everyone understands his own. In any case, we exist on the air like carp in the water, and that means everything that happens around has an ethereal essence. Therefore, the expression "energy from the ether" has grounds. The question is only in principle of obtaining energy.

To understand the principle, one must understand the essence of the radiant. And the radiant essence is a single shock wave. Let it be called a soliton. Visible rays are not a radiant, but his visual perception in the atmosphere. Without atoms, there will be no glow, they fluctuate slightly after each front. Varying the duration and duty cycle of the pulses can change the effect. The glow can be made very bright or vice versa to create a twilight that Tesla demonstrated more than once.

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