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Simple Free energy generator without ground
Simple Free energy generator without ground

Simple Free energy generator without ground

DIY Free energy generator is rather simple. For Assembly does not need a lot of experience. Has hard to find parts and does not require grounding. Great version of the eternal source for car or electrocuter.

Of critical importance is the fact that due to the simple design scheme does not require any configuration. Collect, include and it works. Fuelless power generator is determined by the structural dimensions and may vary from hundreds of watts to several kilowatts.

This device is used the free energy of static electricity. The switch is a spark gap from the car candles. The resource gap of at least 6 months. continuous operation. Grounding is not mandatory, but without it, the device "bites" in wet weather. For grounding may be used with sheet metal or body of the vehicle.

Proposed scheme with detailed description.

In connection with great interest to free-energy devices, warning!
Free energy generator is not something that you can collect thoughtlessly, like ordinary scheme even if the scheme seems simple. Despite the fact that we make for each schema description, do not count on instant success. Our proposals are designed for thoughtful work and patience. If You are not satisfied, look for the finished device.

The generator description is no longer for sale. A more reliable design is offered.

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