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Magnetic activator fuel cavitation
Magnetic activator fuel cavitation

Magnetic activator fuel cavitation

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Cavitation magnetic activator of fuel - one of the few magnetic devices actually reduce fuel consumption is no simple magnets fuels do not save and save can not fundamentally

This page is created with the aim to respond to this letter: Although you have had enough and give a link to the magnets for car make another exception Many thanks Your quote:.. "If only because I'm tired otvechat letters with a request to explain why the purchased the magnets do not work, and show the website (not mine) with a single magnetic system that has been operating for decades, but, unfortunately, in the injector it does not apply because of the increased pressure in the fuel line. "

By activating the expected effect on the fuel in order to improve its characteristics. typically, the heat of combustion is increased in the activated fuel, which increases the pressure on the pistons. However, the increase of the calorific value - is not the only way to improve engine performance. It has a value of speed and continuity of combustion, and the combustion efficiency.

Oddly, but reduced fuel burning rate at the initial stage, until the piston is near top dead center, is highly desirable. Gases less press on the crank mechanism, and thus increases engine life. But the care of the piston from TDC, the combustion rate must be increased, that the fuel has had time to burn out. Continuity of combustion is set with the engine running at lean mixtures. When an excess of air, igniting the mixture stops burning without having sufficient energy for heating air between all fuel molecules. As a result, the engine loses power and crashes unburned fuel into the exhaust pipe.

Perfect activator to convert gasoline so that it is easy to light up and slowly but steadily burning until the piston goes to 15-20 degrees angle of rotation of the crankshaft. Then burning must accelerate and fully end shortly before the opening of the exhaust valves. But the ideal is not yet invented activators .
Other factors are occurrence of the activation of the catalyst layer on the walls of the cylinder and improving an oil. From the perspective of a classic it is impossible in principle, because petrol is activated, instead of the engine or oil. But, nevertheless, experience shows that the classics are not always right. The catalyst surface does arise, forming, apparently due to contact with the walls of cylinders of carbon atoms, and oil, contacting the walls, acquires the ability to create a hardened oil films on the friction detail.

Fuel Activation can be made by physical fields or chemical reagents. Activation of fields seems preferable because it requires no consumables items and removes the driver from the hassles associated with the possibility of buying counterfeit capsules.
to activate the fuel fields do not need to be installed on the car activator. If there is something on the good will, this activation can be made at the gas station directly at car refueling. However, good will among gas station owners completely absent. On the contrary, gasoline will do bad, and the engines will drive under the Euro-4, and then 5,6,7 , thereby reducing the efficiency of a pious pretext of the fight for the environment. Resist squandering can only be on an individual basis.

It is proposed to guide for making workable magnetic activator. The apparatus may be mounted on a car or Injection used to activate a gasoline canister. After a one-time activation of 10 liters of petrol tank can be topped up "on the neck " not less than five times, provided the balance is not less than 10 liters. Previously activated activates the petrol topped up.

The device can reduce fuel consumption by 10%, and this is a real indicator as opposed to advertising. More from the activation can not be obtained, because you can not make an already good gasoline even better .
The activator is created in the image of the device ASC developed over 30 years ago and-proven fine.
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Интересная штука этот активатор. Жаль езжу на газу, в наших краях с бензином давно туго. А так конечно можно было бы попробовать.
Я ставил активатор АСК на карбюраторную шестерку. Эффект был неплохой, но на инжектор его не поставишь.
На инжекторе по другому делается. Эффект экономии бензина не хуже.

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