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Free energy generator of Kulabuhov
Free energy generator of Kulabuhov

Free energy generator of Kulabuhov

Free energy generators of Ruslan Kulabuhov attracts homebrew with no gaps. But this advantage is offset by the complexity and difficulty settings. Ruslan, despite the obvious effort, still could not give a lucid description of the principle of getting a raise.

However, the generator Kulabukhova begins with the essence of the understanding of the processes that occur in the "pot" and "grenade". Not understanding the principle of operation, it is possible to wind the wires are infinitely long, and one guessing, it is easy to lose the result when you try to repeat or improve the designs.

A description of the operation (physical principles) free energy generator of Kulabukhova. You will learn:

  • What happens in the "grenade".
  • What and how should be generate a "pot"
  • Making "stuff"
  • Why you need a "kacher" and can live without it.

And also get the answers to some other important issues of free energy generator-structure.

In the description of basic, which you will not find in any forum and in any video. Description designed for the experienced radio electronics engineers. It is assumed that You have already built free energy generator, but I can't run it, or are going to build and don't want a long remodel.
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Скажите а на какую максимальную мощность можно собрать этот генратор
Кулабухов собирал на под киловатт. Но вы попробуйте для начала хоть один ватт прибавки получить. Получите, сможете сделать хоть на 10 КВт
Руслан все нормально объясняет. Просто соображать нужно головой.
Да хоть засоображайся. Если нет четкого понимания механизма прибавки, БТГ для тебя пустой звук. То есть, провода мотать конечно можно сколько угодно надеясь на авось, но это лотерея.
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