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Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy
Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy

Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy

БТГ Хмелевского
БТГ Хмелевского
БТГ Хмелевского

Free energy generator of Khmelevskiy on the pulse transformer to the old color TV generator was produced in small series for geologists

Generator Khmelevskiy - a perfect example of forgetfulness humanity few as 30 years ago, geologists hauled in backpacks real BTG, absolutely not thinking about the originality of the device. at the same time the crowd of unbelievers in all forums need to show them acting th BTG and flatly refuse to believe in the possibility of violation of the law of conservation of energy.

Generator story is that the author, in spite of the made actually running generators, refused to accept the application to the Patent office. The production itself was minimized as the product not in demand - every gram of weight in a backpack geologist is strictly limited, so geologists under various pretexts rid of generators

Samozapitki effect was obtained by the author by accident.. The patent application discloses a device operating principle is not true. It is expected that the additional energy is due to the set contour parallel resistor capacitor. In fact, the resistor is not a source of energy and can not provide it.

A description of the principle of occurrence sverhedinitsy in the generator, as well as other similar in design applications where employed wave processes

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