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Free energy formula
Free energy formula

Free energy formula

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If you want to make a free energy generator, start with this file. Otherwise, the probability of repetition of any BTG tends to zero. Of course, you may consider the proposal not relevant, but in this case, do something other than fuel-free energy. Otherwise, waste your time, and then you will wring your hands and shout that BTG is a bluff and tricks.

For a long time, free energy was inhibited by convincing people that the inventors of generators were deceivers and tricksters. For this reason, experimenters appeared with the sole purpose of testing the operability of devices by Tesla, Smith, Bedini and other famous inventors. Thus, there is a reaction to every action. For smart people, free energy generators are no longer fiction and pseudoscience. Many researchers have obtained acceptable results, confirming by experiments that free energy occurs under certain conditions. These conditions do not contradict classical physics, but only supplement it. By now, quite a lot of generators have been created and so many effects have been obtained that thinking people do not have doubts about the possibility of a high-quality technical revolution in the future. The only question is to change the existing world power system, the economic basis of which is based on energy business. So far, mass production of fuel-free generators is impossible due to artificial barriers, but single copies are quite real. All known BTGs are based on the same physical phenomena. What, you will learn from this file. Information will strengthen and systematize your knowledge. You will treat generating generators as a business as usual, not as a game of probability.
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