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DIY Original super charger
DIY Original super charger

DIY Original super charger

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Пример заводского устройства
Пример заводского устройства
Пример заводского устройства

The DIY original super charger charging the battery by itself. device principle of operation is to remove the sulfates, resulting in increasing the voltage and battery capacity.

Lead car batteries covered with sulphate a greater or lesser extent, always. of sulfate deposits on the plates degrade the energy-related Battery tics. desulfated battery can wall charger, but it is possible to do on the car during the operation.

The device is connected to the battery directly on the car and keeps the battery in perfect condition. It is particularly important to use the device during the winter time.

Not only can you collect, the device with your hands to yourself, but also to earn on selling, implementing device through our site. The device is easy to assemble and set up, comprises a timer chip, a transistor and a transformer.

In contrast to the commercially available analogs various Chinese companies proposed device is more powerful and more efficient. Manufacturers save on ferrite and key, put surplus stock from the main production and write in the advertisemen:

  • reduced fuel consumption, saving 10-20% and 10% increase of power
  • more stable and quiet operation of the engine
  • often reduced momentum, which causes the fuel consumption at idle
  • decrease rate of CO
  • protects the battery and increases its service life is 2-3 times
  • restores old batteries
  • start is easier and faster
  • improves the performance of all electrical
  • no maintenance
The first and second of course greatly exaggerated. A few percent of the economy, especially at idle you get due to lower costs power of the engine to charge the battery. Increase of power will not just leave her more in the wheel and less battery (noticeable when pulling away on the weak engines). The most important thing is what you get: reliable starting and prolonging battery life.

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