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Solar Power Hut-100/12
Solar Power Hut-100/12

Solar Power Hut-100/12

Price 386 USD
This original mini-solar power plant is able to provide energy to a small holiday home. you can use lighting, watching TV, using a laptop and a short electrical kitchen appliances.

Power kit is compact enough. It can be dismantled and taken away from the garden during your absence.
The kit:

  • On lnechnaya battery 100W
  • Battery 60 A / h
  • Battery charging controller
  • 12/240 inverter, 1 kW peak power

The main advantage of the power plant - low price Similar in performance kits are in two or more times greater due to what is achieved by saving money.

As part of the power plant uses a unique controller charging with high efficiency, and the algorithm works, allowing use of conventional car batteries instead of expensive special. Battery life is not reduced.

The kit uses high quality single crystal solar cell Titanium, or other non-lower-quality counterparts. Maximum battery dimensions 1.2 x 0.5 m, weight - about 10 kg. Solar panels for sets we order only from reliable suppliers.

Here you can buy a set of entirely, or set without a battery. In the latter case, the battery is purchased by the buyer on their own in any auto. It is also possible to use a battery after the restoration of their device

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