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Free energy engine motor of Emelyanchenkov
Free energy engine motor of Emelyanchenkov

Free energy engine motor of Emelyanchenkov

Yemelyanchenko demonstrates the simplest Free energy engine motor with permanent magnets. The motor rotor rotates itself.

The engine of the permanent magnet is considered one of the most promising options fuelless engine. The permanent magnet is hidden a lot of energy. The challenge is to isolate and convert the magnetic field into mechanical energy, elec an insulating and other forms of energy.

On YouTube copyright rollers are removed, but a copy can be found here . You can also see attempt to repeat engine.

For information on that under certain tricks can make a magnetic motor rotor ARF is not uncommon. The rotor rotates too fast, but still rotates. It is unlikely that this can be used for practical purposes hereinafter eternal mechanical watches, but experience shows that something is wrong with us, with strict scientific theory.

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