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Atmospheric nuclear power plant 100
Atmospheric nuclear power plant 100

Atmospheric nuclear power plant 100

The original atmospheric power for the home, using the electrostatic air charge .

as an alternative energy sources are commonly used sun or the wind, but it is very rarely used atmospheric electrostatics few people know that a few hundred years. back energy collection from the atmosphere has been quite popular as well as the atmospheric static collectors used various metal block RP G designs on the dome of the church, similar to modern crosses.

At home, usually there is no way to build a high mast, but the static electricity does not necessarily take on the high altitude. The air is always moving and carries with it a charge.

Atmospheric power assembled in the housing of the uninterruptible power supply unit. as the receiving element is used specially prepared wire, which is placed on the perimeter of the yard, or suburban area to a height of 1.5-2 m and above.

There are m nenie that to collect electricity from the air, receiving devices need to be placed on hundreds of meters high, but this is not necessary. Conductive enough to activate a special device.

This method of producing electricity much more profitable use of solar panels. The power plant is working day and night, in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day. Break it almost nothing.

Useful rated output power of 100-200 watts. Power depends on the weather conditions that affect the ionization of the air. Significant power over 200 W, can be obtained during the precipitation, but also before and after them. In addition, power is increased during sunrise and sunset. In addition, power output increases during solar storms, which in recent years do not happen very often.

The power plant is well suited to Russian conditions, when the solar panels little light and little wind for a wind turbine. If you have already installed solar panels, atmospheric power will help keep them charged.

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